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Manifest per un Spotify en català

Dear Spotify UK team:

Spotify great service is now available in English, Spanish and French. We would like to have catalan available in the Spotify software and spotify.com website.

We would also like more music in the Spotify music catalog. You can find some catalan artists at catalunyarock.com website.

Catalan language is currently the seventh language in Europe with more than 12 million speakers. The European regions in which this language is spoken are Catalonia, Valencian Country (where Catalan is also known as "Valencian"), Balearic Islands, "Franja de Ponent" area (Aragón), state of Andorra, L'Alguer region (Italy) and North Catalonia (France - Languedoc).

We think Spotify should keep on expanding in that direction, including new languages and more music that would call the attention and appeal more users if they can get them in their own language.

Here are some numbers and facts to illustrate our conviction:

-- Most Google products and other Internet companies such as Mozilla, Fotolog, Microsoft, Facebook, among others, have been offering their products in Catalan for a long time with an important success.
-- Catalan language has a top-level internet domain (.CAT) since February 2006, with more than 44,000 sites with this domain until today.

As you can imagine from the numbers given above, the potential of new users from the Catalan speaking regions of Europe should not be neglected and would represent an important growth.

Finally, we would like to offer you our help in the translation tasks.

Please, feel free to contact our team at http://www.flog.cat (e-mail: web [-at-] flog.cat)

Thanks for your attention,
Spotify member
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